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A Queens-NY based TINY press publishing unique print and digital creations. The press's goals are: exploring experimental DIY forms, artist collaboration, absolute transparency, accessibility, values-aligned funding, free publications whenever possible, community solidarity. 

SEEKING: Submissions of zines (text or design); propaganda campaigns; genre fiction (novellas or short stories); poetry (chapbook length or shorter); broadsides; essays; other pitches/queries (try us!); supplies (see our wish list). What are these things? Check below if you have questions.

FUNDING: We want to pay our contributors. We also want to provide free or pay-what-you-want publications whenever possible. Also into: skill and/or goods exchanges. We're figuring it out! No matter what, all spending for any money collected will be transparently documented here.

WHAT IS LITERARY ANARCHY? To us, it's a creative community with autonomy, without focus on hierarchy and without control by or influence from the publishing industry and its norms.
WHAT IS A ZINE? Well, it's a little magazine. Or, as Wikipedia puts it, a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine.
WHAT IS A CHAPBOOK? A small publication of up to about 40 pages, produced with quality but at low cost.
WHAT IS A PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN? Do you have a message (political, social, activist, etc.) you want to get across? Tell us about it, and we can work on a campaign with things like posters (wheat-paste paper), pamphlets, flyers, and zines (have we mentioned we love zines?).
WHAT IS A BROADSIDE? Traditionally, a piece of paper printed on one side. In the literary realm, a frameable and collectible piece of writing, with or without art, arranged on one page.
WHAT IS GENRE FICTION? Mystery, crime, science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and any mish-mash of the above. We love it and recognize its inherent literary value, but it gets a bad rap. Many institutions and publications specify "no genre fiction" in their guidelines. Rude! Also, the genres' historical affinity with pulp, magazine, and paperback publishing appeals to us.
WHO IS THIS? You probably know J., the founder of this press, who undoubtedly sent you the link and begged you to submit or share. We promise, we're kind and easy to work with and have editorial and publishing experience with which you can trust your work. But we don't want this to be about J. or their personal work and career, and we want to make room for the collective spirit of THRASH.
SOCIAL MEDIA: It's not the place for us. We go to efforts to create a following outside social media by an e-mail list as well as in-person events and promotion.
Our Venmo is @thrashpress. Visit our funding page to see a supply wish list and our incoming and outgoing expenses. Write to if you would like to purchase a publication or send a project query. Or with any questions. Or to say hi.
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