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We want to see your work! Please see below for guidelines, the link to our submissions form, and information on submitting hard-copy materials. You can always e-mail us at if you have an idea for publication. We'd love to talk. Please include "query" in your subject line.

We are flexible. If you don't have a clear answer to the questions on the submissions form, that's okay! Please also note that in our beginning stages we will be prioritizing handmade zines. You will hear back about your submission within two weeks. You can find a sample of our letter of agreement for publications here. See our home page for definitions of the terms below.


GENERAL: Your manuscript should contain text, art, or both, and an indication as to whether you would like to add text or art. Art can include collage, illustration, photographs, etc. and can be submitted in any file format. Writing in regular manuscript format should generally—unless you are using special formatting, to which we are open—be set at 12 pt, double-spaced, easily readable font, with your name, word count (if applicable), and contact information on the top of page 1. Please insert page breaks or indicate section breaks as applicable to your work.

ZINES: Considering poetry, genre fiction, essays, political messaging, photographs, and/or art. Submit manuscripts of 4-18 pages. They can be in regular manuscript format (described above), art pages, or a combination of either. You don't have to worry about layout or zine dimensions with your submission.

CHAPBOOKS: Considering poetry, essays, genre fiction, photographs, and/or art. Submit manuscripts of any genre of 20-40 pages in regular manuscript format.

PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGNS: Submit a query at with a brief description of your goal and message and any particular format you'd like to use (flyers, zines, posters, electronic media, etc).

BROADSIDES: Considering poetry, essays, and genre fiction. Submit one page of writing in regular manuscript format. 


To submit hard-copy manuscript or materials, mail to THRASH Press, P.O. Box 771065, Woodside, NY 11377. Please send via method that includes tracking and send photocopies if possible. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your materials.

Our Venmo is
@thrashpress. Visit our funding page to see a supply wish list and our incoming and outgoing expenses. Write to if you would like to purchase a publication or send a project query. Or with any questions. Or to say hi.
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